Covid level relaxation

South Africa moves to Level 3 lockdown next month. The main changes are: 
  • We can buy and transport alcohol at limited times (basically Monday to Thursday, probably to reduce weekend binge drinking). At least we'll be able to get the wines and gins we ordered delivered. Cigarette sales are still prohibited. 
  • We can exercise 6AM to 6PM, and I think there's no distance restriction, instead of 6AM to 9AM within 5km of home.
  • Various retail/commercial areas can open, though with various precautions and restrictions. Some cannot - gyms, hairdressers, theatres, etc. and anything requiring close personal contact.
  • Sale of hot food is allowed, ditto take-away collection and drive-through. Sit down restaurants must remain closed.
  • All clothing sales is allowed.
  • Domestic air travel for business allowed. Hotels, etc. and tourist facilities must still stay closed.
  • Masks are required in all public areas.
The oddball one, though, is places of worship: they may open with a 50 person limit and with various precautions. This looks like a political decision pushed by the SA Council of Churches (though even the Jesuits think it's a bad idea). Why places of worship and not hobby clubs, or family get-togethers, or D&D, or other small social meetings? And how will charismatic churches handle it when they get 3000 people arriving at a service? Religious services are a hotspot, and I think this will cause more infections. I think any sort of social gathering like this is a bad idea, especially with our rates and deaths starting to increase rapidly. :(

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New running shoes

My birthday gift, new running shoes, arrived. New Balance 860V9. My old ones were the V8, seen here in the pic. My new ones have about 38km so far, and they seem just fine. The old ones have about 975km, and my previous V8 shoes have 1390km. I use the new ones as clean road shoes, the older pair as park/trail shoes, and the oldest pair as mud shoes.

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